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Hello. Welcome to my blog!


Hello! My name is Lily Krupinski, author and owner of this blog. I am a funny, high-functioning, bipolar, often anxious, often depressed, compassionate, a good writer, creative, a survivor and helper of people person. This blog contains my musings about my constantly buzzing brain. In this case I define buzzing as the sound and feeling of buzzing. BrainBuzz: uncontrollable thoughts that are connected to my feelings that are connected to my actions. Sometimes good. Sometimes great. Sometimes just really terrible. This is my story. I'm sharing to let you know there's someone out there who is like you or someone you know.

Click on About Me to learn more about me and more about the blog.

Click on Blog to hear my brain buzz. It's just getting started (a major accomplishment for me). It is like organized chaos, but that's insight into my brain.

If you need help with your own buzzing brain, right now, click on the Resources page.

I hope you find my story informative and entertaining. Thanks for reading!

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