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Lab Technician Natalie Lupton

I am a digital artist who likes to play with fractals. Quirky, chaotic, calm, unpredictable and whimsical. I started creating digital artwork focusing on fractal designs in 2006. Now I'm making a few fractal pieces of day AND doing random creative stuff. I took a risk and applied to be a resident artist at Gallery One in Ellensburg, WA. Soon I was painting my new studio walls purple, and I did my first show! That was the first time I sold my art.

My creativity waned as I focused on my career as a professor in WA. After leaving my job, my creativity resurfaced and fractals were front and center. I returned to Fort Collins, CO in spring of 2022, and eight months later I had my second show during the November First Friday Art Walk and a booth at the Last Chance Christmas market in Longmont. I watched people stop, look at my art and react to the prints that related to them most. I am ENERGIZED and working on producing new art and getting it out there to the world.

One of my passions in life is to help others and spread kindness to as many people I can who cross my path. Through my art and my alter ego as a life, career and academic coach, I am following my dreams and intentioneering my future with psy-kah-del-ihk intensity.

My product store is coming soon!

Artist Apprentice
Pepper Meowski



The Power of Intention

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